Don Vito freeform stand natural pipa handmade radica sabbiata n.104 gr.58 oz.2,0


120,00 110,00


Pipa  Don Vito fatta a mano – Hand Made artisan briar pipe Pfeife bruyere

Don Vito Stand freehand Natural briar pipe handmade Italy no filter new stem acrilic radica fatta a mano n.104 gr.58 oz.2,0 141,5x49mm 5,57×1,93in chamber 19,5x35mm 0,77×1,37inchamber 20,5x36mm 0,81×1,41in

Radica italiana alta qualità – italian briar

Radica italiana 5 anni alta qualità – italian briar 5 years

fatta a mano Italia

PIPE BRIAR DON VITO HAND MADE BRIAR ITALY 5 YEARSSINGLE PIECE – each pipe is unique because it is completely made by hand

This is an original pipe by Don Vito
the stem is in acrilic.

Don Vito is italian pipermaker, working pipes with classic method,
using only natural waxes, each pipe is unique because it is made by hand,
using briar high-quality.

Additional information

Weight 90 g

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